• Work in Progress*

Basic guide to idle written in 5 minutes:

Mini manager is your friend - level it up

Your priority upgrades are damage and pack size.

Multi-drop accessories are nice, but greatly increase the expected pack size.

Drop rates are about 36 000/hr with no increased drop rate, about 60 000/hr with 2x drop, and 90 000/hr with 3x drop. These were my numbers with maxed manager speed and 90% vacuum.

So at 3x drop if I wanted to be able to idle overnight or while at work I would need about 9 hours of space.

9 * 90k = 810k of storage

With a level 9 manager each upgrade gives me 1k space so I would need my storage at level 810 to fit everything.

Level needed = (hours to idle * drop rate) / [ (mini manager level + 1) * 100 ]


Hours you can idle = (mini manger level + 1) * 100 * storage level / drop rate


Damage is more important than life as the knight will be fainting and restarting anyway. So we want fast clears and more damage will allow us to get to higher levels.

Your mini-manager extends your time dramatically. Without him I would need to level storage to 8100 which is not really doable. At the 3 to 5 star accessories increasing his level helps out a lot, allowing us to go from level 5 to level 9.

Written up in ~5 minutes by gallihand