After you reach level 101, you can reset the game back to level 1 to earn Time stones.

The amount of Time stones you get is due to the sum of the below five factors (see Contents).

Note also that based on how the math works, the best way to maximize Time Stone production is to buy the cheapest upgrade, there is no difference between the four stats despite how they're broken out. However, maximizing value from spending gold is dwarfed by the Time stones earned from resetting stages.

Bonus for Resetting Stages

This number goes up based on stage completion.

  • This means that your Time Stone per stage increases by 1 approximately every 500 levels starting at level 300.
    • In other words, your Time Stone per stage is less than 1 from 0 -> 300 (it starts at about 0.5 or 1 timestone per two stages), at least 1 from 300 -> 800, 2 from 800 -> 1300, etc.

Excel Formula (put stage in cell A1):


Bonus for Resetting Hero's Equipment

Under Construction

This number goes up based on Hero's equipment upgrades.

[5 * (EQUIP_LEVEL - 1) ] + [(EQUIP_LEVEL - 1) * (CURRENT_STAGE-100) / 1000]
  • This formula has not been confirmed, but it is close.
  • Note that while 5 * EQUIP_LEVEL is meaningful in the lower stages, it is massively dwarfed by the formula for Resetting stages later on.
    • For example, if your stage is 101, then it takes 10 stages to get 5 timestones.
    • However, if your stage is 2000, then you get 4 timestones per stage, so you'll get 8 in two stages. One equipment upgrade is only 5 timestones.
    • A reset at around stage 6000 will earn you over 55,000 timestones, of which less than 500 will be from resetting equipment.

Bonus for Resetting Hero's Level

This number goes up based on stage, Hero's Damage and Hero's HP.


Bonus for Resetting Fairy Bombing

This number goes up based on your stage and the level of your Fairy Bombing skill.


It is not affected by the Time stone fairy damage level or by pets.

Bonus for Resetting Bag

This number goes up based on your stage and the level of your Bag.


It is not affected by having Mini-manager active.